Requirements: Compatible with
iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
 Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
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Set your focus!
Take individual images
and edit brilliant pictures
on your iPhone!!

The new comprehensive Camera-App for your iPhone.
With the new 8 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4S you can shoot the best image possible
and the app "Camera-" helps you to take and edit your photo direct on your iPhone.


Take your individual photos

You can configure up to four different shooting modes with all functions of "Camera-" to be prepared for every situation. Give your mode a name, choose your icon and then select your favourite functions.


Focus and Exposure

With a single tap or with gestures you can set focus and exposure seperately for an effective control over your picture.  

Perfect for left-handed persons!

With "Camera-" you have the opportunity to adapt the controller to your needs.

Clapper Mode

By clicking your fingers, your tongue, or by saying a word, "Camera-" takes a picture. This spares you the annoying search for the trigger-button on your iPhone display.


An automatic release that can be set to up to 50 seconds.


"Camera-" supports you taking a photo with different overlay`s. Auxilliary lines and an artificial horizon helps you to align your photos. The stabilizer shows you the degree
of camera shake without taking a photo.



In this mode you can take as many serial-pictures in a row as you want, and they will be saved automatically on your iPhone!


After the stabilizer is activated "Camera-" takes the picture only if you hold your iPhone very calm.
Image Processing

Image processing WHILE taking a picture

Create your own individual shooting mode with different image optimizations. Your picture will be instantly developed with these settings. You can for example take every picture 10% brighter or your picture will automatically be presented with an effect, a border or a scene setting.

Up to the cloud!

After a one-time-log-in to Facebook, Twitter or Dropbox you can automatically upload you pictures.

Image Processing direct on your iPhone

Use the brilliant image processing to give your picture the perfect finishing touch. The unique "Retouch"-Mode lets you cut unwanted objects and elements from your photos.



Cut your taken photo just as you want it!

Contrast and Brightness

Through a step less regulation you can optimal adapt brightness and contrast.


Is you picture out of focus? No problem. Sharp it to see more details, contours or to get color areas contrasted.


With the "Retouch"-mode you have a unique opportunity to remove little disturbing objects in you picture. Just tag items you want to be removed red, green tagged items will stay in the picture.

Image Editor


After you edited your photo up to your wishes you can select a border for the perfect finishing touch.


Pick one out of a dozen scenes to get the best possible out of your picture with just one click.


Your pictures will get unique with effects like "hulk", "vignette", "fallout" or "old summer". The preview will show you a first impression of the final result.